The world's leading and chicest sustainable luxury platform.

Launched in November 2021 by Marie-Hélène STAVELOT who saw a need in the market for a platform appealing specifically to the equally fashion-conscious & sustainable-conscious people desirable of luxury, RELUXABLE, reusing luxury sustainably, is a Fashion and Sustainable platform created by women.

Marie-Hélène STAVELOT, Founder & CEO, is a nontraditional Tech entrepreneur and makes RELUXABLE a proudly black-owned and female founded Fashion-Tech and Sustainable startup. She wants to be part of the luxury fashion industry change by making it more sustainable and accessible.

Marie-Hélène set out to create a way for customers to find what they always wanted and affordable. She believes strongly that the future of luxury fashion and marketplaces lies in understanding and interpreting customer needs, including environmental and economic.

The company’s core pillar is to encourage people to join the circular fashion movement and explore a more sustainable way to enjoy luxury fashion, to serves the environment by buying items that already exist. Trust and authenticity of the goods are two of the most important pillars that the business is built upon too.

Our vision is to be the leading platform for luxury secondhand goods.

Our mission is to encourage a sustainable approach to fashion consumption.

We enable users to browse products, from several verified luxury secondhand retailers carefully selected, by reducing the number of online destinations required and to find the largest choice of luxury secondhand items guaranteed authentic globally available in one place.

The platform is exclusive as it helps consumers shop high-end secondhand smarter by saving time, money and the planet. Our unique service offers a premier luxury secondhand selection from online retailers with authentication processes around the world.

RELUXABLE aims to offer customers the opportunity to make the right decisions on purchases. We want to participate in the luxury resale industry transformation by facilitating secondary market connections and accelerating transactions.